For Event Hosts

The new version of HappsNow has been totally redesigned and rewritten from the ground up utilizing the latest web standards to provide a platform that is current, intuitive, fast and stable. Being cloud based we maintain three mirrored sites, each with substantial geographical separation, replicated real time, so your events are always online and available. If disaster occurs in one location, our other sites take over and scale to the needed capacity to service our customers. Technological excellence coupled with world class support and service are the backbone of the HappsNow experience.

Marketing and Analytics

HappsNow has partnered with Google Analytics to collect data for each partner to increase customer insight and to manage and validate marketing spend. The quantity of data is overwhelming, so we have produced dashboards that cut to the chase and let you get to the information you need quickly. Our financial reporting is second to none with real-time reporting on your event’s status and roll ups after the event that will make your CFO smile.

Global Reach

HappsNow is GDPR compliant so let’s take your events on the road. Event pages can be created in the language of your choice and published to a separate event group with a unique URL to avoid confusion with your U.S offerings. Our payment processing supports 139 currencies which are immediately and automatically converted to U.S. Dollars and deposited into your U.S. bank account. Pack your bags!

The Price is Right

Most HappsNow partners pass along credit card and handling fees directly to the fan. If you prefer a different way of handling these fees, we support bundling where the fee is built into the face value of the ticket or absorb fees where we will work with you to establish a low and fair price. We believe in transparency; every fee is shown, highlighted, and called out to the fan at checkout. No surprises!

Partners for Success

It’s always nice to be able to offer your customers value added services to protect them and reduce their purchase risk. HappsNow has partnered with Ticket Guardian to offer ticket insurance to cover the unforeseen circumstance of not being able to attend an event. For expensive events we have partnered with Affirm so those high dollar value tickets can be financed over time. Both services are offered to the ticket purchaser at checkout. Peace of mind!

Mobile First

Our entire platform, ticketing, box office and mobile applications are web native and responsive. Regardless of your preferred device the look and feel will be the same at whip lash speed. Speaking about responsive, our customer success team and implementation team are responsive to your every need. Need help designing your venue, we’re here. Need help putting your events up, we’re here. Need help with personnel at your event, we’re here. Anything to help ensure your events success!

All About Security

Every month you read about security breaches where thousands if not millions of user records are stolen. HappsNow is very concerned about our Partners and their customer’s security. HappsNow was designed and developed following the strict guidelines of ISO 27002, which is the code of practice for information security controls. Our payment processing is PCI Level 1 Service provider which is the most stringent level of certification. We have your back!

We are passionate about our technology and focus on providing disruptive technology that positively impacts the fan and enhances the way event creators buy and sell tickets to their live events across sports, music, and events of all kinds.

For Fans

It’s not enough to host a great event, fans are looking for that one experience that turns a great event into a memorable experience. HappsNow has many features designed to ratchet up your fans experience so they will be talking about their experience for months to come!

Speed Lane

Gate lines are a thing of the past with HappsNow QR scanner. Rapid scan technology tuned to a variety of environments like low light, rain and bright sun whisk the fan into the venue without waiting. For day of event purchases, our automatic entry option lets the fan buy the ticket, receive a copy via email and be scanned in at the same time. Two lines are history.

It Starts with the Event Page

Your HappsNow event page reflects your brand with imagery and photos. The promotional video showcases your event in a unique way creating interest and immediacy. Your fans can peruse merchandise for your event and purchase it prior to event day so no wait time in lines. If you have a series of events, your fans can purchase tickets to multiple events and check out at the same time. The whole process is fast, simple, and tickets can be installed directly into Apple Wallet.

Friend Friendly Purchasing

Ever purchase a bunch of tickets for your friends and getting reimbursed seems next to impossible? HappsNow’s split purchase option enables you to designate the percentage of the purchase paid by you and the percentage that should be paid by each of your friends attending the event. Bookkeeping made simple that keeps friends friends!

First Class Upgrade

Imagine entering the event and you receive a push notification that you can meet the performer for a nominal surcharge after the event, and with the click of a button, you’ve secured the opportunity and paid for it! Your event just morphed into an unbelievable experience.