Experience the difference.

Imagine a platform that has been engineered for simplicity, to empower you to work more efficiently and creatively, with the tools you need to generate beautiful event pages and market your events to your fans with the least amount of effort?
Imagine a fan quickly finding your event and purchasing a ticket in three clicks.
Imagine having usable KPI’s that let you track your event now and in the future.
This is the HappsNow Experience

See How It Works

How It Works

HappsNow is a complete ticketing, event promotion and event management platform. With integrated payment processing, box office, social media integration and comprehensive analytics, you have all the tools at your fingertips to create and manage events of all sizes. But how about your customers? We view your customer as our customer and have painstakingly studied the ticket purchasing process to develop the fastest view to ticket purchase in the industry. Your customer will be able to purchase all their merchandise for the event, at the same time as their ticket, without lines. The experience is the same whether using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Get Started

Step One

Become a HappsNow Partner

Work with our experienced team members to establish pricing tiers, event location, and promotional strategy, Most of our partners pass our low fee directly to the ticket purchaser so the event creator/promoter pays nothing. No hidden fees, no installation charges, just straightforward transparent pricing.

Step Two

It's About You!

Assemble your best event short impact videos, several event pictures, logos and a description of your company or event. Our world class implementation team will create or assist you in creating a stunning event web page, with your branding, containing instant access to your seating chart and ticket options. One URL for your website and you’re ready to promote!

Step Three

Event Day!

Use your HappsNow box office to sell day of event tickets. Enter credit card information directly or use one of our industry standard credit card readers. Your ticket buyers will appreciate the speed of processing and will really like how our HappsNow QR code, tablet/ mobile phone, scanner will alleviate entry lines.

Step Four

Get Paid!

HappsNow understands that being an event promoter requires cash flow to pay your performers. We do not hold your cash, rather our fee is taken out at the time of purchase and your proceeds are in your bank within 72 hours. Hold an event outside of the U.S, accept 139 local currencies that are automatically converted and whisked into your account in dollars. Speed of transaction processing minimizes foreign exchange risk.

We Help You Thrive

You have enough stress finding performers, finding venues, and meticulously planning all the logistics to put in place for success. Having HappsNow as a partner removes the burden of ticketing, provides a promotion platform to jump start your event, and real-time analytics to monitor your campaigns to see which advertising channels are delivering results. Peek into customer demographics and historical purchases to customize offerings to motivate the customer to purchase now. Financial analytics provide key insights into your sales cycles and help plan for your future events. There is an endless amount of data to be collected and analyzed, let us streamline the process for you so you can focus on hosting an exceptional event.

Tickets and More.

Whether it’s a 100,000-seat sporting event, a 250,000 general admission golf event, or a 100-seat intimate music venue, the HappsNow Seat Generator will produce an accurate seating chart of your venue, with sections, tables, rows, seat numbers and special seating like partially obstructed view. Pricing of seats by section, row, seat, table, seat at the table or any combination. Extreme flexibility! The seating chart renders beautifully on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Want to have a special promotion for two weeks? Enter all the promotion codes you need, as a percentage off ticket face value or a discrete dollar off amount. Promo codes are automatically calculated at checkout. And the ticket…print-at-home tickets contain your logo on the ticket, images that you select-think sponsor or future event, and your disclaimer. Print-at-home tickets have two codes, the standard bar code so if you have legacy scanners and want to use them you may and a QR code that works with the HappsNow QR scanner.

Memorable Event Pages.

After your website, the most important page is your event page. That’s why HappsNow pioneered promotional videos on the event page to add impact and showcase your event. Each event page is displayed in chronological order of events, customized with your imagery and event message. This page can have a single event or all events, and ties directly to your venue and seating chart. Customers can play the video, select a single event or multiple events, their desired seats, then purchase, all within three clicks. Your event page is also a promotional vehicle utilizing the most current SEO methods, so events will get higher visibility in search engine rankings. Website integration is quick and easy with a single URL placed on your web page. Want to sell tickets on Facebook? Add the HappsNow Event page onto your Facebook page or even our own ticket integration button and begin selling!

What a Box Office

The day has officially come! HappsNow is by your side with a full featured box office that enables you to take cash and credit card payments at the door on any device. Manually enter credit card information or use a HappsNow Verifone P400 swipe card reader or a BBPOS Chipper on a mobile phone to automate card swiping. Check boxes let you specify whether to print out tickets, email tickets or automatic check-in which issues the ticket, emails the ticket to the patron and marks the customer as having been scanned in. HappsNow Box Office connects directly into your venue seating chart so you can determine which reserved seats are still available and the quantity of sequential tickets, just select and sell! Have a lost ticket? Search on the customer name in box office and email a replacement ticket on the spot. Want to download an attendee list? You can generate an ad hoc report on the spot by selecting the details you want, for instance first and last name, email address, scan status, total payment amount and more. Worried about the entry lines? The HappsNow engineering team has tuned our QR code reader for recognition in the harshest of environmental conditions. Unlike dedicated scanners, HappsNow will issue you a single URL, that URL turns any mobile phone into a QR scanner. Use volunteers? No need to set them up as a user to assist with the entry line. Just open a browser, enter the URL and everyone is a gate attendant. Prefer your old bar code entry system? No sweat we support that too by including a standard bar code on our print-at-home or box office tickets. Your sales will never have been made quicker and your entry line will be the shortest ever.